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Must Read for persons struggling with Bipoar Illness, November 28, 2013  5  out of 5 stars     Scott C Miethke  M.D.

This is a must read for anyone struggling with bipolar illness. This is also an excellent resource for healthcare providers to use as a structural template to help patients organize their care. Concise, well organized and interesting enough to keep you reading.

Wonderful Resource!, February 6, 2014    5.0 out of 5 stars           Nancy J. Kuhn, Illinois Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Bipolar Battle Plan is exactly what a person who lives with Bipolar Disorder needs! As a therapist, I see how this disorder wreaks havoc on a person’s entire life. Bipolar Disorder is an “emotional cancer” – once someone knows they are in an episode, it is often too late to stop the damage. That’s why having a so-called battle plan can help tremendously in preventing and identifying an oncoming episode. Mr. Gillem’s story of his own personal experience is a testimony to what works and what doesn’t work to manage the disorder. I recommend Bipolar Battle Plan to those who struggle with Bipolar Disorder or those who know someone diagnosed with it. Family members will gain a great deal of understanding into the disorder as well as learn what helps. Very interesting read. It will be the first book I recommend to my Bipolar clients.

A very detailed plan for those suffering with Bipolar, November 13, 2013   5.0 out of 5 stars     Lori L. Gillem

A very concise and well written book. Highly recommend it to anyone who has ever been or is currently dealing with someone who has bipolar. A MUST read for anyone who struggles with this life long disease.

Only experience teaches certain things, April 21, 2014  5  out of 5 stars       S K DittaSee all my reviews

I received this publication in ebook format. The book is laid out very nicely and cleanly. Since there were no technical problems reading it on a Tablet, it was easy to focus just on the material rather than be sidetracked by any glitches. So, that was great!

I am convinced that the author, Troy Gillem, has benefited immensely from his personal experience with Bipolar Disorder. You just can’t read stuff like that and put it down authentically as your own when it comes to such a topic. Troy has the understanding and practical application of that acquired knowledge, because he has lived it!  Bipolar Battle Plan in no uncertain terms addresses the subject of the true nature of Bipolar Medication. “If something is going wrong physically or mentally, always look to the medicine as the possible culprit.” He later goes on to tell of Generic Side Effects from Bipolar Medication.

The book is simple, practical, but also requires the reader to use personal discernment. I am impressed by the practical content of this book, and believe that readers too can benefit from a judicious reading of it.

Excellent view of Bipolar Disorder, November 23, 2013-     5.0 out of 5 stars                       Shelley Crane  Loss Recovery Coach

Clearly stated material that leads the reader to an understanding of Bipolar Disorder.
Well written and offers great understanding of what the patient encounters with the disease as well as offers a real battle plan to use on a daily basis.

Succinct. Informative. Real., March 1, 2014     5.0 out of 5 stars         Scottythecomic

I bought the Kindle version a couple of months ago and keep it on my iPad mini. This makes it useful for when I need encouragement or an answer to what ails me. Gillem is a straight shooter and deals with facts, not what if’s.  Based on his experience (and that of others), Troy tackles the issues we face as BPD sufferers. Ours is truly a battle for life and death and excellent advice covering the myriad issues we face are in the book.

It’s a page turner for sure. Simple, easy to understand, and applicable to our lives, I highly recommend it.

Definitely recommend., January 17, 2014     5.0 out of 5 stars     Karen Holmes

Overwhelmed about how to cope with bipolar disorder? This short comprehensive book is written by one diagnosed. Using his experiences and other sources he explains the disease and guides patients and those who seek to support them toward wellness.
Mr Gillem provides succinct organized structure to make understanding this difficult disease comprehensible. Both a knowledge and how to help book – help yourself or help others. Very confirming.