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Fighting the War against Bipolar Disorder

Fighting the War against Bipolar Disorder

Fighting and winning the war against bipolar disorder requires a multipronged approach. It won’t be easy, but victory means living a productive, happy life—and making your dreams come true.

Bipolar Battle Plan provides nine critical weapons. It includes the contingency plans for responding to troublesome bipolar symptoms that can save your life when you need help right away. It also offers tips on optimizing your medications that can help you determine the best medicines and appropriate dosages to optimize your mental and physical health, as well as strategies for stalking the enemy that provide a wealth of knowledge about bipolar disorder, including common triggers of bipolar episodes and causes of the condition.

This guidebook also provides advice on how to choose the right psychiatrist,  improve your emotional well-being, and much more. It’s also important to know your legal rights and to build a loving support network.

I have gained a tremendous wealth of knowledge since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Through research and interviews with five other bipolar individuals, I have developed a blueprint that can help anyone who is bipolar effectively battle the enemy.