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authorMy bio is not going to be replete with all of the boring details that many people laud upon themselves.  I am much like you in that I am one of 5.6 million people with bipolar disorder in the United States and nearly 12 million worldwide.  I wrote my book with you in mind.  However, just so we can get to know each other a little better, I did graduate from Purdue University and earned my master’s degree in Engineering from North Carolina State University.  I currently work in the aerospace industry as an engineer testing helicopters.  My passions include first and foremost my children.  In addition, I enjoy exercising, eating a healthy diet, reading as much as I can, playing Texas Hold’em and doing my best to help others around the globe with my book.  Now that I have my battle plan for bipolar disease in place, I hope to share it with people much like you.