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Bipolar Battle Plan

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Bipolar Battle Plan

If you have bipolar disorder like I have, you know that your life is at stake.  In fact, you can be and likely have been your own worst threat.  Scientific studies reveal that 30% of the population afflicted with bipolar disorder will attempt suicide.  It may seem unbelievable that the number is so high, but it is nevertheless true.   Besides self-inflicted death, other unacceptable consequences caused by bipolar disorder may include: loss of relationships, serious health problems like diabetes and obesity, violence, financial hardship, and loss of productive years.

My name is Troy Gillem and I have been battling bipolar disorder for over 20 years. After years of struggle  I realized that I need a battle plan that will not only save my life but at the same time enable me to live a long and satisfying life. I want my bucket list. The result is my book “Bipolar Battle Plan, Fighting the war against Bipolar Disorder”.

Make the decision to win the war against bipolar disorder.Winning means you do not have future bipolar episodes disrupt your life. Winning also means you get to work on your personal bucket list rather than losing precious time to this illness. Win the WAR!