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Bipolar Battle Plan

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Bipolar Battle Plan

My name is Troy Gillem and I have been battling bipolar disorder for over 20 years. After years of struggle  I realized that I need a plan that will not only save my life but at the same time enable me to live a long and satisfying life.  The result is my book “Bipolar Battle Plan, Fighting the war against Bipolar Disorder”.  The plan is working for me, and it can work for you or your loved one too.

Make the decision to win the war against bipolar disorder. Make your own plan on how to overcome this life-threatening and disruptive disease.  Learn how to optimize your medications, find the psychiatrist who is right for you, have a team in place in case of an episode, train your body, and more.  Winning means enjoying life to the fullest, including love, happiness, laughter, self-respect and a long fruitful life.  Make a plan and win the WAR!